Welcome to Gnowledge Network!


What you can do?

Answers to these questions can be specified in this community portal by establishing links between concepts and activities.

What we will get out of this?

Yes! You do not have to write essays here.

So, how to get it going?

  1. Join as a member. Use the join link on the right corner of the site.
  2. Use the 'Login' link if you are already a member.
  3. Search for a concept or activity using the search form present on the right side of the header or the "view or edit" link. (We started this site recently and data set is very small, so don't be surprised if your favorite concepts and activities are not found here.)
  4. Add a non-existing node. By default it will be taken as a concept, but if you want it to be an activity, use the check box. If a node already exists, you will see a message: "Object already exists". Then you can visit that node and then decide what more you can do.
  5. Then add appropriate dependency links. For adding dependency link, click on the "Add" button below the relation names "Depends on" or its inverse name "Required for".
  6. If you think that the existing relation is not accurate, you can remove the link using the "Delete" tab. Or discuss in the mailing list on the issue and resolve the conflict.
  7. Remember! You cannot add a relation unless a concept node already exists. So, if you don't find the node you are looking for, add one and link it.
  8. Remember, all of us are making only one single map collaboratively. All contributions are recorded against your login name with date and time of contribution.
  9. Please see below the ownership and license information to know who owns the data made by you.

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The network and the content produced is published under Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 3.0


We are slowly adding more features!

After depMap (dependency map) we will soon have other kinds of maps as follows:

Tell us if you have any feedback!

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