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Free Software Free Society [edit]

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Name: Free Software Free Society

Free Software Free Society: Selected Essays of Richard M. Stallman, 2nd Edition

This book collects the writing of Richard Stallman in a manner that will make its subtlety and power clear. The essays span a wide range, from copyright to the history of the free software movement. They include many arguments not well known, and among these, an especially insightful account of the changed circumstances that render copyright in the digital world suspect. They will serve as a resource for those who seek to understand the thought of this most powerful man–powerful in his ideas, his passion, and his ...

authored by: Richard Stallman;

Twist: changing colors of the sky [edit]

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Name: Twist: changing colors of the sky
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Changing colors of the sky and the reasons associated for the changes in color can become a very good activity to investigate. Most often we see only the standard answer to the question of why is the sky blue? But sky is not always blue!

shaping the metastudio [edit]

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Name: shaping the metastudio
Content: This thread is about shaping this site. To discuss the features that the community of users want, and to reply to queries related to why a specific works in a particular way or why it was designed in this way etc. This will not be technical. For technical discussions we will use another thread.
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