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Wireless Freedom [edit]

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Written by on Sept. 29, 2012 .

Name: Wireless Freedom
Alternate names : Wireless freedom

The wikipage here was originally published at Indymedia; The purpose of reproducing it as originally written in 2005 is to refresh access to it (respecting open media publishing through Indymedia) and to further comment upon the state of the issues raised at the end of the post.

Why Indymedia, and why Sheffield? Indymedia is an open media, unorganised movement that initiated what is nowadays popularly called citizen journalism. It built a space for ordinary people to post content online, creating the category now used in a wider sense by blogging, tweets (short messaging), picture sharing, audio sharing and video sharing ...

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cultural law of conservation [edit]

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Written by on Sept. 28, 2012 .

Name: cultural law of conservation

What is culture?

conserving human effort

halting time

how sharing conserves

natural resources (matter)

human effort (time)

an experiment with a CD

measure the mass of a CD before it is full

measure the mass of the CD after it is full

what we share by cultural means is not matter

therefore, copy left, right and center

to copy is a birthright of every human being

how to fight the mafia without voilating the law of the land

copyleft is the way to go

other examples

apples and ideas

George Bernad Shaw

Indian verse

न चौर हार्यम ...

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freedom to share [edit]

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Written by on Sept. 28, 2012 .

Name: freedom to share

freedom to collaborate

freedom to work-together

freedom to transmit

freedom to broadcast

freedom to stream

freedom to re-write<previous next>GNU

granted by: Cultural FREEDOM;
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