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classroom vs studio [edit]

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Written by on Oct. 11, 2012 .

Name: classroom vs studio

The following comparison indicates the expected changes when we move from classroom setup to a studio setup.

Same agevariable age
Same sourcevariable sources
Same timevariable time
Same placedifferent places
Same curriculumdiffrent curricula
product orientedprocess oriented
Teacher-studentpeer to peer (p2p)
Same examno distinct assessment
Students are consumersproducers
Designed for effective delivery of lectures and degreesdesigned for production and display
Learning is passiveactive
student-2-student communication is prohibitedcollaboration is a virtue
Even concrete things are made abstractabstract things are concretized

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Bringing learning closer to life [edit]

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Written by on Oct. 11, 2012 .

Name: Bringing learning closer to life

This is the outline of the talk I planned for delivering in a panel discussion on "connecting life and learning" in a seminar on responses to the crisis in education. I will expand each of the sections below to make an essay. If you like to join with me in collaborating, keeping the framework intact, you are more than welcome to collaborate. If you like to change the design of the page, let us discuss, or you may want to create your won wikipage and invite others to collaborate.

Classroom life has become farther from living

Disconnected life

Increased alienation ...

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Use cases of the loom [edit]

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Written by on Sept. 5, 2012 .

Name: Use cases of the loom

The loom module in metaStudio has several functions.

  • a discussion forum
  • a mailing list
  • quiz or a questionnaire: a person has a set of questions seeking responses from multiple people (a quistionnaire or a quiz if you want to assess the responses). Here you are not expecting responses immediately, but there does exist a time limit.
  • an online public meeting, when all the members are informed of the time of the meeting and they exchange messages synchronously.

If you want to use it as a discussion forum, set the start time as the date on which it is created, and ...

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Orgmode Illustration 3 [edit]

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Written by on Aug. 26, 2012 in OT: Section.

Name: Orgmode Illustration 3
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Superscripts and subscripts

Using orgmode markup, it is possible not only to write simple text documents, but also technical documents with special symbols. For example, I can write x2+y2 as superscripts or from N1 to N12 employing subscripts.

Mathematical formulae

Scientists and mathematicians need to often write formulae. Orgmode uses LaTeX markup for writing mathematical formulae both in the running text or as displayed equations. I can write a simple equation (a+b)2 = a2+b2+2ab. I may want to use special characers in the equation: (α+β)2.

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