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Bringing learning closer to life [edit]

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Written by on Oct. 11, 2012 .

Name: Bringing learning closer to life

This is the outline of the talk I planned for delivering in a panel discussion on "connecting life and learning" in a seminar on responses to the crisis in education. I will expand each of the sections below to make an essay. If you like to join with me in collaborating, keeping the framework intact, you are more than welcome to collaborate. If you like to change the design of the page, let us discuss, or you may want to create your won wikipage and invite others to collaborate.

Classroom life has become farther from living

Disconnected life

Increased alienation ...

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Twist: school and factory [edit]

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Name: Twist: school and factory
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The documentary seems to give us the impression that the school is an idea that emerged after the industrial revolution. What is your opinion on this anology? What are the features that match and mis-match for using this metaphor.

Goals of education? [edit]

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Written by on Sept. 11, 2012 .

Name: Goals of education?

Watch the documentary "Schooling the World: White man's last burden", and then add your twists and turns to the effect of rethinking the goals of education or for that matter schooling.

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